Monday, June 11, 2012

Halfway there!!

NFL season last night finished week 8 of the season.  Some shocking teams to do well this year, and other teams have underperformed this year.  At the halfway point here are the standings


New York Giants  5-2
Philadelphia Eagles 3-4
Dallas Cowboys 3-4
Washington Redskins 3-4

The eagles have been dissapointing, they signed all the great players who havent performed, and moving a OL coach to Defensive Coordinator well, thats a mistake so far, but we still have 9 games for everyone in the division, so hey, they could still pull it out


Green Bay Packers 7-0
Detroit Lions 6-2
Chicago Bears 4-3
Minnesota Vikings 2-6

Well, no surprise to me here.  The Pack are the team to beat this year, and well, they havent been beat, but this month they will be tested with games against the Chargers Bucs Vikings and Lions.   3 of those teams are in the playoff race, and the 4th played with the Pack just a few weeks ago, so its gonna be a fun race here.

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