Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my football team

Heres my fantasy football team that i just made... and a little thought on why i drafted each player

Tom Brady- New England
Matt Stafford- Detroit
Sam Bradford St Louis

Jahvid Best- DET
Joseph Adaii- Indianopolis
Mike Leshoure- Det


Calvin Johnson- Det
Larry Fitzgerald- Arizona
Deshawn Jackson- Philadelphia
Mike Williams- Seattle
Chad Ochocinco (or Johnson, who knows what his name is :P) Cincinnati (well, as of today)
Nate Burleson- Detroit
Titus Young- Det (BOISE STATE :P)


Brandon Pettigrew- Det


Mason Crosby- Green Bay

As you can tell, I have a fair share of Lions (6 if you include the defense)

But heres my thought on all 16 picks

Round 1.
Calvin Johnson

ESPN had him ranked like 20th or something, and I had the 7th pick, so it was a reach, but Calvin is a dynamic wide receiver, so I came into the draft planning on taking him in round 1

Round 2.
Larry Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald was my 2nd pick for the 2nd round..  I wanted Andre Johnson of Houston, but the guy before me took him, and so I took Fitzgerald.  Not a bad backup plan, should have another good season.

Round 3.
Tom Brady

I was thinking running back this round, but I saw Brady on the board, and I had to take him.   Good O-Line, good running game, and good WR in NE, safe pick for a QB

Round 4.
Deshawn Jackson

He is a great return guy, great wideout, hes gonna give me good numbers this year.

Round 5.
Jahvid Best


Turf toe all of last year, but if he stays healthy, and Stafford stays healthy, he will have a good season for the Lions this year.

Round 6.
Matthew Stafford

Speaking of Stafford, some call this a reach, I think its the best pick of my draft.   Im in love with the guy, i will admit that, I think he is the real deal, I will start him a few games over Brady this year, we will see how everything goes with his shoulder, he stays healthy, I got a great pick here

Round 7
Brandon Pettigrew

3 picks in a row depend on Staffords shoulder.  

With Calvin Johnson being the target of most defensive teams I really thing Pettigrew, and Young and Burleson will have better numbers than most expect.

Round 8.
Detroit Lions defense

Before you say "Why?"  the steelers, packers and bears were all off the board at the time of this pick.   and also Suh, Fairley, Avril, Vandenboesch.... are all on this defense... lots of sacks this season!! not a great secondary, but if we can get pressure on the QB, he wont have time to throw it

Round 9.
Joseph Adaii

This could turn out to be a solid pick.  With Manning not being able to start this camp on time, the running game will be CRUCIAL to the success of INDY this year, and alot of it will be on this man.
Round 10
Sam Bradford

I made this pick for 2 complete opposite reasons.

1. Stafford (thats 4 picks now cuz of 1 player, i know)
2. Trade Bait

If Stafford gets hurt, I still have  a solid backup, if he stays healthy, and lets say Michael Vick gets hurt, whoever owns Vick is gonna need  a QB, and I have that QB right there, and i could get a good player in return.
Round 11
Mike Leshoure
A risk taken late in the draft, so its not that bad of a risk.  He is a rookie, but he is a rookie who will get playing time on a good offense (look at them, they are good) so he will have a good first season i think

Round 12
Mason Crosby

Solid kicker, late round, good pick here, he will help me out

Round 13
Mike Williams

With Matt Hasselback leaving, this is a risky pick, but Pete Carrol is a coach that Mike Williams plays for very well, and I am hoping for the same, if he doesnt, 13th round pick, not a bad loss

Round 14
Chad Ochocinco

This pick is all hoping he gets traded, if he doesnt, terrible pick, Cincy has Andy Dalton as a QB, and he isnt ready to start

Round 15

Nate Burleson


#2 behind Calvin, defenses will be focused on Calvin, and Nate will get some points

Round 16

Titus Young

Last round, Lions 3rd Wideout, Same reasoning for picking Burleson