Monday, June 11, 2012

Full Sail University assignment 1

The point of my blog is to give my opinion about different things in sports. I sometimes talk about the standings, or trades and signings, or whatever else is going on in sports.  I have a very good knowledge about most sports, which I believe is an advantage for me since I want to go into the sports media, since I won't have to learn about a sport to be able to cover it better.
   The people who would read my blog are fans of sports, and I believe since of my knowledge of all sports I can reach out to more fans, because I can talk about their favorite sports.
   Blogs are valuable to marketing because businesses can learn what people like, and they can research blogs and other social sites to see what people care about, and to see how people feel about there products.

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  1. Brandon I can 100% side with you when it comes to knowing sports. I also would like to become a sports analyst. Knowing stats and important information about trades and deadlines is a tuff thing to do. so when your good at it you should go for it. Sports media is my kind of talk, reading your blog has giving me a little more confidence to follow up on my long term goals brandon Thanks!