Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NFL Rookie qb's

This years NFL rookie quarterback class is in the discussion of being one of the best years for the position in NFL history.

            The Indianapolis Colts took Andrew Luck 1st overall in the Draft.
The Washington Redskins traded several draft picks to the St. Louis Rams to move up to the 2nd overall pick and with that pick they picked Robert Griffin III. He is known as RG3. 

The Miami Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill with the 8th overall pick, many felt that the pick was not a good pick, since Tannehill had only played 1 season at quarterback at Texas A&M. 

The Cleveland Browns took the last quarterback of the first round by selecting Brandon Weeden with the 22nd overall pick. Weeden was considered a risk at the time because of his age. At the time of the draft, Weeden was 28. The average age of a draft pick is anywhere from 20-23 years old.

The quarterback choices were over until late in the second round when the Denver Broncos selected Brock Osweiler of Arizona State with the 25th pick in the 2nd round to back up Peyton Manning.
The Seattle Seahawks took Russell Wilson from Wisconsin in the 3rd round despite having signed Matt Flynn from the Green Bay Packers. Former NFL coach John Gruden thought Wilson would be the steal of the draft.
I apologize for the website's content, however, I could not find other good pictures of Wilson on draft day. 

            Later in the 3rd round, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Nick Foles to back up Michael Vick. 

The last quarterback I will be discussing is the Washington Redskins 4th round pick, Kirk Cousins. Many questioned the pick because of taking 2 quarterbacks in their first 3 picks.
Many projected the 4 quarterbacks taken in the 1st round to start right away for their teams, and all 4 did. However, there was a 5th quarterback to start that many were shocked by. 

Russell Wilson beat out Matt Flynn to start for the Seattle Seahawks.
 Andrew Luck has brought the Colts from the worst team last season to a team with a real shot at the postseason with 9 wins so far this season.

RG3 has brought huge success to the Redskins this season. Not only are they in the race for the playoffs, they have a real shot at the NFC division. 
Ryan Tannehill had a great start to the season, but has recently slowed down a bit, but he may have proved to many for the time being that he was not a bad pick.
Despite having a slow start, Brandon Weeden has been able to help turn the Browns season around. The Browns have a small percent chance of making the playoffs, but at only 5 wins, the Browns will most likely miss the postseason, but have a lot to build on.        

Osweiler has not played any significant time this year because of the health of Peyton Manning.

Nick Foles took over for Michael Vick after Vick went down with a concussion. Foles will be the starting qb for the Eagles for the remainder of the year, and is the favorite to start for the team next year.

Russell Wilson has won the hearts of many in Seattle, and has led the team to a great chance of making the playoffs.

Kirk Cousins has backed up RG3 all season until RG3 went down this past Sunday with a sprain in his knee.  Cousins in the final drive of the game led the Redskins to tie the game with a touchdown then a two-point conversion. The Redskins won the game with a field goal in overtime.

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