Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MLB predictions

Its here, the dog days of summer.  The last month and a half or so of the regular season of baseball.  Most of the divisions are in a tight race right now, and even awards like the cy young and MVP awards for both leagues are in tight races.. So heres my vote and prediction for the winners of each division, wild card, and MVP/ CY Young

Lets start with the senior circuit.. the national league

the current standings in each division are: 

National League


Atlanta 8.5 GB

NYM 17.5 GB

WASH 19.5 GB


The East, well, just look at the standings, Philly, unless they have a huge letdown that I dont see happening, is going to win this division



St. Louis 3 GB

Pittsburgh 9.5 GB

Cincinatti 10 GB

ChiC  16 GB

Hou 27 GB

This division is probably the hardest to pick in the NL.  Even though the West race is closer, the Central has 2 teams that have the talent to run away with the division.   I think that St Louis will win the division, but it will be a fun race. 



Ari .5 GB

Col 9 GB


SD  12. GB

The West, even though is closer, I dont think it will be a tight race towards the last few weeks.  Arizona is a young team, and I think the pressure of the late season will get to them, while San Francisco is the reigning MLB champs, and has a great pitching staff, and the addition of Carlos Beltran will help.  

NL Wild card

Great team, they might be 8.5 games back of Philly, but they are 4.5 up in the Wild card, and I feel they have the pitching and hitting to get them in the playoffs. 


This isnt who i think will win, this is who i would vote for if I had a vote this year.   My NL MVP is Lance Berkman of the Cardinals.  Pujols missed a few weeks with a injury earlier this year,  and Berkman kept the team in the hunt of things. 

NL Cy Young-  Roy Halladay Philadelphia.   Easy pick, no pitcher in the NL has dominated like he has so far this year. 

Now time for the American League.  


NYY 1.5 GB

TB 11 GB

Tor 13 GB

Bal 26 GB

I am not a Yankees fan, so my heart picks Boston (actually, I would love to see Baltimore win this division, but  I pick Boston to win the division this year



Cle 4 GB

ChiW 5 GB

Minn 10.5 GB

KC 12.5 GB

What a crazy year in this division. Cleveland came running out of the gates on fire, great start, but they have cooled down since, and find themselves in second place.  I dont see them getting past Detroit, the Jimenez deal for Cleveland was a good move, but I think the Tigers will win it. 


LAA 1.5 GB

Oak 13 GB

Sea 15 GB

Another fun race here, but Texas has too much depth EVERYWHERE on this team.  They win the division. 

AL Wild Card

The yankees will win this, but they have alot of issues with some players right now, and they wont win the world series this year. 


again, this is my vote, not what i say will happen, but who i say deserves. 

Asdrubel Cabrera from Cleveland.  Someone from Boston will win it, but their lineup is stacked, and if one of them gets hurt, someone else will pick up the slack. 

AL Cy Young... 
Hardest pick of all the races, but I give it to my boy Justin Verlander.  3 games so far he has taken a no hitter into the 7th inning .   Every time he goes on the mound people watching the game expect something great.  

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